Memphis Police Association demands higher wages for officers
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Memphis police union criticizes city’s stance in salary talks; promises action during MLK50
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Proposed Sales Tax would benefit Police, Fire Departments
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Police, fire unions propose way to fund pre-K
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Police Union Points to Officer Shortage After Body Found at MPD Impound Lot
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City Council Approves 2 Percent Gas and Electric Rate Hikes
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Memphis Police And Fire Associations Push For Sales Tax Referendum
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Memphis Police Association responds to Mayor Strickland and Crime Commission’s $6.1 million grant.
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Not enough officers or community support to combat the escalating crime in our communities.
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Rewrite of City Impasse Ordinance Draws Fire from Unions.
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Police union to publicly respond to Mayor Strickland’s criticism.
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Mayor Jim Strickland and the strained relationship with police.
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The homicide rate is up in Memphis causing an increase in overtime for homicide officers. MPA president Mike Williams weighs in.
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Memphis Police Association pledges their support for interim president Mike Rallings to become permanent police director.
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Memphis Police Department interim director ,Mike Rallings, discusses the lack of officer recruits and what plans they are making to address the situation.
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Memphis Police Department had the highest number of assaults against officers out of all departments in the state according to TBI report.
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MPA president fears that officers won’t stay despite budget agreements because the benefits have not been restored.
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President Mike Williams discusses the recent budget agreements.
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The MPA and the Strickland administration make a tentative agreement to avoid an impasse.
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The MPA is still in negotiations with the Strickland administration. Meanwhile, Memphis feels the shortage of police officers on the streets.
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The MPD will be using tasers as a means to intervene without gunfire.
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