What is the Memphis Police Association?
The Memphis Police Association is an organization that consists of approximately 3,000 active and retired officers from the Memphis Police Department. The MPA serves as the voice for its members during contract negotiations with the City of Memphis.

Who does the Memphis Police Association serve and benefit?
The Memphis Police Association serves and benefits its active and retired members.

Who are the members of the Memphis Police Association?
Members are the commissioned police officers in the City of Memphis.

Who are the officers of the MPA?
President:  Michael Williams
Vice President:  Essica Littlejohn
Secretary/Treasurer:  Jeff Herbison
Sergeant at Arms:  Shannon Bowen

Is the Memphis Police Association the same as the Memphis Police Department?
The Memphis Police Department and the Memphis Police Association are two different organizations. MPA members are officers of the Memphis Police Department; however, the Memphis Police Association is a separate organization.

 If I am not a police officer, can I can I support the MPA?
There are many ways that community members can support the MPA. A few are listed below:

  1. Stay informed and aware of current community issues and topics.
  2. Share your opinion with your city council and local government representatives.
  3. Participate in MPA community events such as the annual softball tournament and other local-sponsored events.
  4. Pick up MPA gear off our website.

Where is the MPA office located?
The Memphis Police Association is located at 638 Jefferson, Memphis, TN 38105.

How can I contact the MPA?
Send e-mails to info@memphispoliceassociation.org or call at 901.523.7075. Or send a FAX to 901.523.7081.