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Hello MPA Members,

The Association is taking several important steps to improve our communication with you and members of our community. In order to make these improvements, it is important that we first determine what you think is going well and where you think we have the opportunity to change. We are working with cocoabeens communications to support these efforts.

Cocoabeens communications has created a member survey that seeks your opinions about the benefits and services offered by the Association. The survey also asks your opinion about critical issues that are relevant to our members and our community.

By completing the survey, you have an opportunity to tell us what you think. We ask that you share your honest opinion so that we can learn how to better serve you.

What to Expect on the Survey:

  • The survey is comprised of 23 questions.
  • The average completion time 13 minutes
  • Responses are anonymous
  • The survey closes on Feb. 28.
  • Results will be made available on the MPA website
  • Content and responses are managed by cocoabeens communications
  • Survey Development

    The survey was created by staff members from cocoabeens communications who held several focus groups with officers in precincts throughout the community. The information collected from the focus groups was used to generate a series of topic areas and questions that were formulated into a survey for all members to take.

    Survey Distribution/Verifying Email Addresses

    The survey is being distributed via email to all members who have provided the Association with a current private/personal Email address. It will not be sent to your “” Email addresses. If you would like to add or update Email address, please email Please include your first and last name. If this email address is a replacement for an old address on file with us, please include the old address so it can be removed from our files.

    Survey Completion

    Please respect the Memphis Police Department guidelines regarding Association business during work hours. Complete the survey using your personal computer/laptop/iPad/iPhone or other Internet device on your own time.

    Survey Results

    The results of the survey will be available next month on the MPA website. Based on the feedback from the survey, we will prioritize your suggestions or concerns and begin addressing them. The MPA website will be the best resource for current information on our progress.

    Once again, we encourage every interested member to take the survey. Please remind your fellow officers to take the survey if they have not done so already.

    Survey Questions

    If you have any questions about . . .

    • technical issues related to the survey: contact
    • MPA administrative issues: contact your precinct representative/board member

    Thank You,

    JD Sewell, President

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