Wake Up, Memphis

This online petition requests a forensic audit of the City of Memphis’ budget and an ethics review of city leadership.* Each signature on the petition sends a message to elected officials including the mayor, all city council members, the State Attorney General, the Shelby County Attorney General, the State Treasurer, State Comptroller and the U.S. Department of Justice. Please sign, send and share this petition to raise awareness about your concerns.**

*This online petition is sponsored by the Memphis Police Association using an encrypted and secure server. The information provided to complete the petition is confidential. The MPA does not share any information with a third party provider.

**Anyone can sign this petition. Signatures for this petition are not limited to residents of Tennessee.

Forensic Audit 2014

Dear City of Memphis and State of Tennessee Elected Officials,

I am concerned that Memphis' publicly elected officials are not appropriately allocating my tax dollars. I request a complete forensic audit of our city's financial records and health care fund. I also request an investigation and ethics review of our elected officials pertaining to contracts awarded by the city.

As a concerned citizen, I take pride in supporting elected officials who honor their commitments and those who value individual and community safety. Please act in the best interests of the citizens of Memphis and honor my requests.


2,472 signatures

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